New VIP greeting cards 2012, New Year

   VIP 2012 03.10.2011

Corporate cards 2012 - are the new designs from “VIP” collection. New Year’s greeting cards are laid out on our site: 0657.245z, 0657.245s, 0657.246z, 0657.246s, 0657.247z, 0657.247s, 0657.248s, 0657.248k, 0657.249z, 0657.249s, 0657.250k, 0657.250s, 0657.251z, 0657.251s, 0657.252k, 0657.252s, 0657.253b, 0657.253z, 0657.254z, 0657.254s, 0657.257z, 0657.257s.

A lot of new and interesting corporate greeting cards from creative design masters (Close Corporation "Art Design +" (Art-Exclusive)) Such laborious and multistage processes as manufacturing of greeting cards, calendars, folders, bags and working out designs are well debugged in our Company. Our clients are satisfied with thousand qualitatively made works. We are waiting for your orders of New Year's cards, calendars, gift bags in our Company!

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